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The escritura - Frequently Asked Questions

The escritura ‘Spanish for title deeds’ is one of the most important documents used in the Spanish property conveyancing process, as it everywhere that recognises private property.

What is an escritura?

What information does it contain?

2. Is the information always accurate? What do I do if the information is not correct?

3. What is it used for?

4. Who signs it?

5. Where is it kept / stored?

6. Is it possible to get a copy in English, or do I have to arrange my own translation?

7. Are copies legally accepted documents, or do you have to have the original?

8. I’ve lost my copy, how do I get a new copy?

9. I want to get the escritura for a property I am interested in. How do I go about it?

Unless you have a legitimate interest you cannot. Only the vendor, or his lawyer, can supply you with a copy. In many autonomous communities in Spain it mandatory for real estate agencies to store copies of title deeds for properties in their books. So if you are interested in a copy they should be able to provide you with one.

escrituras - if one partner in joint ownership is deceased what happens?