The new and improved harbour will have 182 berths on floating pontoons, of which 17 have been assigned for fishing vessels and the new exterior section will handle the commercial traffic including cruise ships. Car parking, harbour offices, shops and restaurants have been included in the plans and will improve the western part of Playa Blanca which now is a bit run down .

The Playa Blanca to Corralejo in Fuerteventura crossing is the busiest in the Canaries and during the first four months of this year alone traffic between these two hubs topped 328,217 users.

In order to accommodate this growing demand over the coming decades the size of the port at Playa Blanca is going to be more than doubled, to just over 205,000 square metres. Crucially, this expansion will then allow medium size cruise vessels to dock in Playa Blanca for the first time - an innovation which is expected fo further dynamise the tourist market in the south of the island.

Harbour Extension

The long awaited project to expand the harbour in Playa Blanca will get underway this August and is expected to take up to four years to complete at a cost of just over €39 million.

The existing harbour in Playa Blanca occupies a space of 91,470m2, the new extension will add a further 114,099m2 to the facility. The expansion project includes a new breakwater from the land to the south with a total length of 300 metres and depth of 17 metres. From there, the new section will run parallel to the existing harbour wall for 440 metres with more space available for sport, fishing and commercial vessels as well as improving the operation of the port.

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