Internet Survey
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Roger Barrow
Owners’ Representative

Internet Coverage at Las Casitas

This has been a common source of dissatisfaction among owners so I met on site with an internet expert from the UK to review the configuration. I also carried out a complete site survey from the terrace of every single villa to test the internet connection to find the dead and slow spots.

I found some of the hotspot antenna were not working and some villas have no WiFi signal at all. The best I found was 2.5mbps, which is really not good enough. The average speed around the site is 1.5mbps. You can see the results of the survey at

The bar (devolo) has between 6 and 9 mbits, but the configuration means that it drains bandwidth before the signal goes out to the rest of the resort. It is also insecure so can be used by others outside Las Casitas, or sitting in the car park, with no security about what kind of sites they might be accessing.

As a result i have been able to recommend some improvements with addition of an extra ADSL  line and extra hotspots. The internet providers are installing a new high speed mast at Femes and I also met with the President of Las Brisas who is planning a new fast internet service, to see if we could work together to share the cost with both sites benefitting.

Wireless signals do not travel through the metal and concrete construction of the walls, so reception inside villas can never be guaranteed.

 I also met a number of owners who did not fully understand how to connect their devices, so I  have provided reception with a set of instructions to be given to every owner which should help.

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The Resorts Director is also looking into the possibility of upgrading to digital TV with more channels which is also being considered for Las Brisas.

In March 2015, I carried out a complete survey from the terrace of every villa to establish the coverage, and this has been sent to Wimpen and the Internet providers in an attempt to get them to improve Internet speeds. You can download a version for printing here

Internet speeds can vary depending on the number of people logged in, and number of people using the devolo network in the bar

Please note that the signal inside villas will be unreliable due to the concrete/metal construction of the walls.

See also - How to connect your device.  Connecting to the Internet at Las Casitas - Instructions