Power of Attorney

Why you need to provide the Administrators with power of attorney ‘to sell’

You need to arrange a Power of Attorney to sell your weeks or to transfer them to the Holding Company.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a document that (when notarised) is legally bonding and grants an individual (or group of individuals) the right to act on behalf of a person for the stipulated tasks or responsibilities that are outlined within the Power of Attorney itself.

The Power of Attorney could also have faculties to “Sell or to Transfer” the properties in Las Casitas.

The power of attorney document can be used for applying for the NIE, by adding the additional clause of :

“ …. To REPRESENT the person granting Power of Attorney before any public office and in particular the offices of the Ministry of the Interior with the object of obtaining a Certificate of Non Residence and a Foreigners Identification Number”.

With this additional clause and an additional payment for the NIE Service, and Notarised copies of your passport(s), the attorney can represent you totally and make the applications without your assistance to the National Police Offices.

This is an ideal service for clients as they do not need to travel very far from the resort and the signature of the Power of Attorney would be in Playa Blanca with the local Public Notary. All that would be required would be your assistance normally on a Tuesday morning to sign the documents and make payment for the service.

What is an NIE number?

An NIE number is a tax identification number to be used in Spain. Prior to selling or transferring or converting to the Club System or the Holding Company, it is a requirement by law that every individual has a NIE number. The application process can be laborious and time consuming if you try to apply personally.

The actual NIE number, when produced by a National Police Station in Spain, is printed on a sheet of A4 paper, bearing your details (as outlined on your  passport) as well as an official stamp from the National Police of Spain.

This original document is an extremely important item of identification in Spain, even though it does not include your photo.

There are three options open to you for obtaining both the Power of Attorney“to sell” raised in the Spanish language.

The NIE numbers are personal to the individual.

1. Use a specialist UK lawyer approx cost £300

2. On your next visit to Lanzarote Wimpen can arrange an appointment with the Notary & Police station – approx cost Euros 175

3. Visit your nearest Spanish Consulate approx cost £90 (London)


Option 1. Details of UK based Spanish Notaries are available upon request.

Option 3 may be limited and you would have to check with your nearest consulate that they were still able to offer this service.

Quoted above is only for the POA, if they wanted also  NIE numbers the cost rises:

1.      £500

2.      Euros 275

3.      £90

The Administrators can assist and supply details of UK based Notary publics and also the relevant forms for the NIE application or POA to be arranged with the Consulate. There are now only two consulates operating in the UK that can assist and that is London & Edinburgh, both of these offices have our details and we have a good working relationship with them.

Call 01243 601100 or 0796 222 4554

Email: roger@lascasitas.eu

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