Renting out your weeks

If you can’t use your time, then you can always put it in the rental program, which will recover some, and perhaps all of your maintenance charge.

You should be aware of the new terms and condition. Wimpen take15%  commission, and there is also an additional  cost for website advertising on all major booking sites.

I have been assured by Onagrup that the higher rent being obtained is more than enough to absorb these extra costs. There is however and element of ‘luck of the draw’ on the expected rental income, depending on the time of year and whether a non owner, or an owner, (who can claim 20% discount) rents your time.

Letting your weeks through Ona Wimpen Rental program

Access the Letting System online here:

Under the online booking system that is now used to market your weeks, Ona Wimpen are unable to inform you if your weeks have been let until after the client has checked out and has paid. You will then receive a letter informing you how much rent has been credited to your account.  A number of owners have queried why they cannot be informed

● Clients are able to book without a deposit, so there is a risk of no-show

● Villas are allocated at the last minute, once all reservations are in and fitted in to available space, this ensures the best possible use of available time and maximum income for the community.

● Until payment is actually received on checkout, then it is not possible to confirm rentals

● Owners are of course able to call Wimpen near the time to check if their space will be used, and they will do their best to advise. Owners can always remove their weeks from the rental program.

Remember you must still pay your maintenance by the due date.

The let is not guaranteed although you stand a much better chance of letting than you did under the old Wimpen system.

I fully understand that some owners are unhappy about this, however, if we want to benefit from a more successful marketing system, and higher rents, there is no other option apart from removing your weeks from the letting system.

Letting Privately

You can also try and let privately, and I have made my Owners Facebook page available for owners who wish to try this. But please remember, you cannot use the Wimpen letting system if you are trying to let privately.  

You must still pay your maintenance, negotiate the rent with your renter. Effectively, renters are treated as your guest and will have to pay water and electricity just as you would have done.

Access Facebook to seek a private let at

Call 01243 601100 or 0796 222 4554

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