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Due to the recession and high unemployment in Spain, this year has seen an increase in the crime rate in Playa Blanca.

Following a spate of burglaries at Las Casitas in late November, a permanent full-time security guard has now been installed at Las Casitas. The villa doors are also being strengthened. However a determined burglar will still find a way to gain access, so please follow these important tips

  1. Make use of your safe for passports, money and valuables at all time
  2. Do not leave valuable items on the terrace when you are inside the villa
  3. Hide laptops , Ipads etc when you are out
  4. Lock the doors when you go out for the evening, and consider leaving the lights and/or TV switched on
  5. Lock the door at night

Please note, the Community of Owners and Wimpen cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred, so please ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place.